World Vision Junior Youth Conference


We arrived at the conference at the Piano full of excitement for the World Vision Junior Youth Conference. The hosts led us into the main auditorium to start teaching us how we can make a difference in the world. 

In our first session, we learned about fast and slow thinking. This means that when you are a good leader, you should be able to think as a fast brain which means making an automatic decision and a slow brain which means taking your time to think about the decision and thoroughly examining every possibility or issue. 

Faiesea Ah Chee talked about the change shifting from Samoa to NZ. She talked about how she got involved in the environment leadership team at her school, much like us. She also talked about how she took about two months to realize that she wanted to get involved with the environment and now she’s a massive advocate. 

We also wrote letters to the Prime Minister of New Zealand. We wrote a powerful message about the issues in New Zealand and that we need to do something about it. We also talked more specifically about modern slavery and how it still happens today.

We also spoke about the people in Timor-Leste and how we can help them with the harsh conditions they face with horrible weather. As a result of tough weather conditions, they lose their crops and source of income. So this year we are getting our school involved in the 40 Hour Challenge. We are raising money for the people in Timor-Leste and we are helping to regrow the environment. We are regrowing their environment by tapping into an underground root system to regrow the environment without planting trees. It has had lots of success in the past.

While talking about Timor-Leste, we watched a video about a girl named Pasquela who lives in Timor-Leste and has to survive in these conditions. Even though Timor-Leste only produces 0.003% of the global emissions they are really affected. This causes people in Timor-Leste to give up their future to fix their homes, which is unfair.

There will be more information in the notices and Assembly over the next few weeks in the lead-up to the 40 Hour Challenge which is happening on the weekend of the  21st – 23rd June.

Written by Millie, Maeve, Tom, Alex and Jack who all attended the World Vision Junior Youth Conference on behalf of the Social Awareness Leadership Team at our kura.

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