Aim High Awards

Our Aim High Award has been designed to focus our students on our school’s visions: Celebrating Diversity, Building Independence, Developing a Passion for Learning and Embracing Challenge.

Students earn points within each category by completing activities, challenges or by providing evidence of involvement. The Aim High Badge scheme is designed so that every student regardless of academic, physical or social ability can, with effort, achieve the badges.

Teachers support the students by discussing opportunities to earn points, co-constructing SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) goals and celebrating achievements.

Students take their own Aim High sheet to the appropriate teacher for signing. Each item has a points value.

The Silver Aim High badge is earned first followed by the Gold Aim High the following year. It is not possible to achieve both in one year.

The Gold Aim High requires a student to complete three hours of Voluntary Community Service. We acknowledge that many of our students regularly help family members, churches, sports clubs, pre-schools as volunteers and this is commendable. Our Gold Aim High requires our students to ‘step outside their comfort zone’ and complete their Community Service independent from family contacts. We want students to develop altruistically and consider their potential to impact positively in the community. To avoid any confusion, students must discuss their Community Service prior to completion.

Students must also create their own challenges – one per vision statement. These must be agreed to prior to completion.