Leaders’ Message

Kia ora, Talofa, Ni hao, Malo elelei, Willkommen, Bonjour, Ciao, Zdravstvena, Annyeong Hasyo, Hallo, Hallå, Gidday, Hello, Welcome to Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate School.

Welcome to our readers. Please enjoy our reflections.

On our first day we were welcomed onto the school grounds with a mihi whakatau, this gave us a real sense of belonging. The first day was so well structured we knew this was our new place to stay. We are proud to wear this new uniform.

There are 4 pods: Hillary, Ngata, Rutherford, and Sheppard. In each pod there are 2 Year 8 and 2 Year 7 classrooms. These pods become your school family and because of the environment you get to meet people from both years. There is always some friendly competition between the pods

The school, people and teachers believe and know we can achieve high standards and expect us to maintain those standards while supporting us in what we do. It’s amazing to think that if you had never come to our school you would never have met so many amazing people and had so many opportunities that change who you are and prepare you for high school. Student voice is celebrated. The learning we do gives us a wide range of knowledge that prepares us for the future.

We look into relevant topics such as sustainability and innovation, where we get to have a choice about what we learn. We are encouraged to follow our passions and produce high quality work. BYOD is a big part of our learning. We use many apps such as Hapara and Seesaw where we can share our learning with our friends and family.

Our School Values – Aim High, Commitment, Support and Integrity underpin everything we do. Flying High awards are given to students who demonstrate these values. Every student has the opportunity to receive these awards which go towards house points.

Our school is proud to celebrate many different cultures. Some of these cultures are showcased by performance groups such as Te Ropa Hari Koa, Korean dance, Pasifika.  We celebrate some of our other cultures with International Week, learning about our peers and enjoying their special foods. We are proud to have a multicultural school with its own haka which we perform to show our pride and unity.

The endless inclusive opportunities cater for everyone:
  • Leadership teams
  • Annual exchange with Broadgreen Intermediate in Nelson. 
  • Production and Showcases at South are not something that you want to miss, everyone can be included.
  • Boys and girls hip hop.
  • Jazz band, orchestra and rock bands.
  • Battle of the Bands is a friendly competition run by the performing arts group.
  • Aim High badge, 
  • Science badge, 
  • Maths badge 
  • A wide range of sport options: netball, rugby, football, squash, table tennis, hockey, basketball, korfball, touch rugby, handball, volleyball and softball.
  • Interschool sport tournaments.
  • LE options like mountain biking, ice-skating, bowling, Clip n’ Climb Theatre Sports
  • Mufti Days to show our support for others.

Specialisation extends us in other areas such as: hard materials, digitech, soft materials (sewing and food tech), science, visual art and performing arts (music, dance, and drama). This is good because we can find out what we enjoy before we go to high school.

Challenge by choice: we are encouraged to try new things: river crossing, sailing exploring Quail Island, coasteering, kayaking, high ropes at Orton Bradley camp, gymnastics, athletics, dancing, sport -winter and summer.  Getting involved helps us build our confidence and build resilience.

BYOD is a big part of our learning. We use many apps such as Hapara and Seesaw where we can share our learning with our friends and family.

We are pleased to call Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate “our school” and know we will always look back on our time here with great memories long after we have left.