BYOD, Cybersafety & Citizenship in Digital Environments

Does my child have to have a device in 2024?


The majority of students have their own device, which has benefits to students’ engagement and learning. 

In 2024, all teachers at Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate School will use Hapara Workspaces to plan and share learning resources online with students. Students will use the Google Suite environment to create learning and share this with their own families on a regular basis through their own Seesaw ePortfolios. We strongly encourage all students to have their own device.

What is the school providing for those students who don’t have their own device? 

The school will continue to maintain some access to school owned devices. Students who bring their own devices certainly have a better experience in our blended e-learning environment, as they are able to customise their device so that it works more efficiently for them. As demand for school devices decreases we will redirect school resources into other areas of improving the efficiency and quality of our school network.

What is the school doing to ensure my child is safe while using their own device? 

The school has invested significantly in equipment to make sure our students are safe on their devices.
  • We use a firewall device that allows us to track where each and every user has been on the internet. It also provides filtering via linewise.*
  • We can also block specific elements on websites while allowing access to other beneficial elements.*
  • All students work through a “Digital Citizenship” programme early in Term 1. A key part of this programme includes the students working through the details of the “Student Responsible Use Agreement” before signing it.
 *Please note that any device that is on a separate 3G or 4G data plan will be not be subject to our school security measures.
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Cybercrime is a very real issue facing families in NZ, but there are easy practical steps to help prevent it. 

John Parsons is a highly respected and sought after Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant, providing specialist advice and direction on the safe use of Digital Communication Technology. We were very pleased to be able to host John at our school and have him work with the students, staff, Board of Trustees and parents.

On the right are notes that John Parsons has made available following his parent presentation.