Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate School has been part of the community in the south of Christchurch for over 80 years and we continue to provide quality learning experiences for the 500 students that currently attend the school. While the school has a rich history we are forward looking and our programmes reflect the latest teaching practices and thinking in middle school education. The current school logo reflects the history and traditions of the school and its place in the modern world.

The logo embodies the values and beliefs that we stand for as a school and that are in our mission statement. It works at many levels. We continue to value and promote the school motto ”Aim High” and while the eagle isn’t as obvious it is represented by the wing tips of a soaring bird flying high over the Port Hills enjoying its independence and embracing the challenge of flight. While we we are a multicultural NZ school that celebrates cultural diversity, the koru reflects the bicultural foundation of our nation and our commitment to Te Tirity o Waitangi.  Just as the fern frond grows into a mature plant, the koru is also symbolic of our early adolescent students becoming more independent as they grow into adults. The fact that our school is nestled under the Port Hills and surrounded by the Heathcote River is also reflected in the logo. We aim to develop a passion for learning within our students and this is represented by the feather shapes being positioned to look like the well read pages of a book, the traditional symbol of knowledge and learning.

The logo is a simple design, yet as can be seen, is full of many layers of meaning.