Tūhono 2023


Ka mau te wehi! What a fantastic 2023 season we have had of Kapa Haka this year. There have been so many opportunities to perform this year from being on What Now, Showcase, Maunga Teitei, and the APSA Seed Congress. But the pinnacle event that we all work towards is the Tūhono Kapa Haka Festival. Every year it is a treat to not just watch our kura perform but all the other kura in Ōtautahi. This year was no different and we saw all the ihi wehi wana that every performer brought to the stage. Congratulations to our winners and all tamariki for their work this year in preparing for Tūhono.


Best Whakamihi Wāhine: Shakia Fox

Best Whakamihi Tane: Charlie Pulley

Best Female Lead: Lucy Tonkin

3rd Place Waiata-ā-ringa: Whole group

A few thank yous to mention:

  • First I would like to thank Guy Williams for his commitment to being at all the rehearsals with his guitar and his willingness to step in to perform to support our tamariki. I would also like to thank Peytyn Holland for her commitment to supporting our wāhine with uniforms, makeup, and hair and the strong encouragement she brings to all of the group. Lastly, Sean Brown for his work supporting our boys in this group getting them hyped and kept in line for the competition. Also, his willingness to help out with anything has made it easy mahi.
  • Secondly, I would like to acknowledge Matua Steve Reid who is our Kapa Haka Tutor. His passion and love for Kapa Haka are very clear and evident every time we practice. He holds a lot of mana in our space and the students have learnt a lot from him. I look forward to continuing to work with him next year.
  • Thirdly, I would like to thank Aniwa (BOT Māori Rep) for her support on the day with hyping up and supporting our group to perform. Our school appreciates the tautoko you always give to us.
  • I would also like to thank the whānau of our students. Your support and positive messages are really appreciated.
  • Lastly, our Year 8s this year. Those who have been a part of the group since last year have been on a journey and every day you have all grown in Kapa Haka. You have had to go through a small group impacted by COVID-19, campaigning for new uniforms and also stepping up to lead our Year 7s. But with all these challenges you have embraced them all and conquered them. I am immensely proud of you all and I have thoroughly enjoyed being on this road with you. I hope this is not the end of your journey and you pick this up next year at whatever high school you go to.

Poho kererū ana i a koe

Hayden Barr (Mr Barr)


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