2022 Junior Theatre Sports Champions with their trophy.

Theatre Sports Final Competition


‘Our 2022 Court Theatre Junior Theatre Sports Champions this year is Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate.’ – Theatre Sport Judges. 
What an amazing year we have in the Performing Arts here at CSKI and in my opinion this is up there as one of the major highlights. Josh Cousins, Es Pitts, Iris Hill and Xavier Ballantine who were our Theatre Sports Team that had won their heat two weeks ago now have made history in the Canterbury Theatre Sports Junior Championship. They competed and battled in improv art against 3 high schools (2 Riccarton teams, 2 Christ College teams and a Christchurch Girls High team). After playing 3 games, listening to Es sing, Josh tell his funny stories, Xavier showing physical comedy and Iris showing off her range of accents, we are proud to announce that they have won the whole competition and are the 2022 Junior Theatre Sports Champions. They have made history as the first Christchurch South Team to win the whole competition and the first intermediate school to win it since it started in 1989. 
We would like to extend a thank you to Court Theatre for running this competition and allowing our school to compete and take the victory. We would also like to thank the high schools that competed, who at the end gave a real sense of a Performing Arts community and supported/congratulated our young performers. 
Josh and Es we look forward to working with you next year as we try to be back to back champions. Xavier and Iris, we hope to see you and verse you at the 2023 competition. Keep that passion and look forward to seeing where your future goes with this.  







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