Team Maths


On a damp and cold Tuesday morning, half the school made the elongated wander down to the hall for the hotly anticipated (and hotly contested) 2022 iteration of Team Maths. 

After a briefing of the competition, rules and roles; the Year 7 competition began in earnest. Immediately, some teams were off to a running start; and consequently earned themselves a 5 second penalty. Once the competitors’ speed had simmered down, the maths reached a boiling point towards the end of the allotted 30 minutes. As Mr. Hastings called time, the B competition finished with four teams on 80 points, only to be split by their times taken to finish. In the A competition, the field was a bit more spread out as the teams were confronted with a particularly difficult set of questions. 

The final leaderboards sat as follows: 

B Competition:
1st place – Rutherford Team 3
2nd place – Hillary Team 1
3rd place – Ngata Team 2 and Hillary Team 4

A Competition:
1st place – Hillary Team 2 
2nd place – Hillary Team 1 and Ngata Team 2
3rd place – Rutherford Team 2

The points totals for the Year 7 competition were as follows:

Hillary: 545
Rutherford: 460
Ngata: 390
Sheppard: 370

After a quick break to rehydrate and recoup, the Year 8 competition began with the unmistakable hiss, roar and frantic chicken-scratch-ing of a Team Maths competition. In this round, the B competition looked the harder set as teams began to skip questions in earnest. Those that answered the questions were the ones getting the points and a couple of teams made early breaks. In the A competition, teams seemed destined to reach the finish line and the goal of the perfect 100 point game. Alas, a couple of stumpers towards the end dashed the dream with one team falling an agonising 5 points short, however they still walked away with the win. 

The final leaderboards sat as follows: 

B Competition:
1st place – Ngata Team 3
2nd place – Ngata Team 1 
3rd place – Rutherford Team 1 and Hillary Team 2

A Competition:
1st place – Ngata Team 2 
2nd place – Ngata Team 1 and Hillary Team 1 
3rd place – Ngata Team 3 and Sheppard Team 1 

The points totals for the Year 8 competition were as follows:

Ngata: 505
Hillary: 320
Sheppard: 315
Rutherford: 310

A big thanks to those that lended their help and expertise. Special mention to N2, N3, N1 maths class and R4 for helping out with set up, marking, and pack down. Without these wonderful people, Team Maths 2022 would not have gone ahead. 

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