Speech Final


Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate held its annual Speech Competition on Tuesday, 30th August. A top Year 7 and top Year 8 were selected to represent their Pod in the speech final. Each speech was around three minutes long and had to include the phrase ‘The Time is Now’. Topics included equality in sport, starfish, feminism, bullying, issues with the internet, plastic pollution, eating bugs to help save the environment and vegemite vs marmite! The competition was tough! 

Our winners were: 

Year 7 – Thomas from Rutherford with an interesting and well presented speech about the Crown of Thorns Starfish.

Year 8 – Iris from Sheppard with a powerful message about feminism and how females can be treated differently from males. 

A massive congratulations to our other finalists: 

Year 7 – Es (Ngata), Charlotte (Sheppard), Mia (Hillary).

Year 8 – Alana (Hillary), Baz (Ngata), Sophia (Rutherford).







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