Sheppards Yr8 Water Day


Voices rang out through the bus as we turned into the car park at Stoddart Point, Diamond Harbour. It was 20th March and Sheppard Year 8’s were going to do the water day we missed out on. The great team of adventure specialists helped us prepare and get into our wetsuits for the activities: coasteering, kayaking & rafting, and orienteering
The coasteering included clambering along rigid rock faces and every so often jumping off high points into the ocean. Our instructor, whose name was Anna, allowed us to climb across these rocks called “Cheese Grater”. The rocks were covered in barnacles which made it hard to stay on the wall and if you fell it was straight into the water, which was finally starting to warm up.
The kayaking and raft-building also included swinging and jumping off the wharf. We built the rafts out of tires and ropes; the instructors showed us lots of new ways to tie different ropes to keep our rafts together. Then we raced our rafts, hoping they would hold us, out to the middle of the harbor, and back again. Afterward, we hopped in the kayaks and paddled out. It was more like bumper boats with everybody crashing into everyone.
Lastly, my group had orienteering. My friends and I wandered off with just a map and no real idea where anything was. The orienteering took about 1 hour. We had ten points to locate, but it was really fun to do because it felt like we were out on an adventure together.
After a long, fun and tiring day out, we boarded the bus and headed back to school.

By Carys, Emi, Millie and Becky S3

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