Sheppard Camp 2023


Third time lucky, Sheppard 8’s finally got the opportunity to go on camp at Orton Bradley Park. Students were insistent that no matter what the weather this time, they wanted to go to camp. this resilience and persistance continued throughout the three days on camp.

On arrival at Orton Bradley Park, students chose between a shorter walk and a more challenging walk to the waterfall. Students on the waterfall walk enjoyed the challenge of ambling over very slippery rocks and being immersed in shin deep mud! Those on the shorter walk enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the youngest member of the squad, Mrs Te Rangi-Henare’s son, Mekhi!

Overnight, temperatures plummeted to a chilly 2 degrees, but students were resilient and managed this. The sun came out during the second day for a perfect water activity day, and the favourite activity was the wharf jump.

Wednesday provided more challenge, and students took turns supporting their peers and working together to climb the high ropes.

It was a very successful camp, and all students challenged themselves to do something new and challenging.




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