Hillary 7s River Crossing


I was the captain of the raft. They called me commander Kobe. When they were doing all the work, I was chilling and telling everyone what to do. We bumped into the side of the river a few times. Isa fell off the boat and I yelled at everyone “Stop the raft,”. Isa managed to catch up to the raft. But then we hit the shallow water, “PUSH THE RAFT!!!” I screamed. Then we saw the soccer ball, we tried to get it but there were too many sticks in the way so we gave up. There was this colossal stick that was in the way, if we just stayed how we were we would get hit in the head. The stick was so slimy that it looked like a bit of lettuce I found in the back of my refrigerator. So we ducked. 

We made it! The first round on the river we were first and we were still in first place. We walked the raft back up the river to where we first started and we went again. This time our mission was to get the soccer ball. One tyre from the raft fell off so Reuben decided that he wanted to go by himself. At the start, he was not in front by much, but he started sailing away from the raft. Look there’s the ball! Said Cordell, it looked wet and disgusting. The End {cliffhanger…}

By Kobe Stafford (H4)

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