Pink Shirt Day


Pink shirt day came to Aotearoa in 2009, and since then kiwis have been celebrating.On the 26th of May Christchurch South had our own Pink Shirt Day.
On this day our classes talked about why we have this event and the issues of bullying. This year the Social Awareness Leadership Team with Ms Gent was responsible for organizing this event .

Christchurch South Karamata intermediate school raised over $520 dollars. Which we have be donating to the Mental Health Foundation.

Staff and students of Christchurch South Karamata expressed their love of pink by wearing fun, interesting, colorful outfits. These outfits were captured in photos when members of the Social Awareness Team ran a photo booth at lunch.

The other activities that the team organized was a pink t-shirt designing competition and a give a free compliment sheet. The winners of the pink shirt competition were 1st place Pranisce from R2

2nd was Iris from R2,

3rd was Macy and Emma from S1.

Remember to,”Be an upstander not a bystander”

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