Parent By Election – CSKI Board


Our school will be undertaking a parent by election for 1 School Board vacancy

We have employed CES to undertake the election process on our behalf. 

At the close of nominations at 12 noon Friday 1st September 2023 the following nominations were received for 1 parent vacancy on the School Board

* Katsipis, Andrea
* Singh, Shailesh
* Sutton, Benjamin Scott

We will now be proceeding to election. Papers on how you vote electronically will be distributed by email Friday 8th September 2023. For those without valid email addresses- they will be mailed voting papers for a paper vote.

Voting closes on 4:00 PM Friday 6th October 2023.

Results will be on the school portal for candidates and school at 1:00 PM Thursday, 12th October 2023.
New Board takes office 13th October 2023.

Community member guide to the role of the school boards

We look forward to your participation in this process.

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