Ngata Year 8 Camp


Once Ngata arrived at Orton Bradely, we did some team building activities. We all then split into small groups to go off on different hikes. A couple groups travelled to a massive rock, but our group walked to a mighty waterfall. Since it was roasting, most people drenched themselves under the waterfall. Surprisingly, they were fully dry by the time we got back to camp. We then put up our tents. The first night, when it got dark, we played a big game called Smugglers Run. We had small plastic cups (with holes in them) and we had to smuggle water from a big tub, make up a good excuse to get past the police (the parents) and put it into our class tub. It was really fun, but then we had to go to bed.
Day two involved a whole lot of activities. Orienteering was thrilling, as we had to run around Stoddart Point looking for challenges. After our activity, we jumped off the Diamond Harbour Wharf. We were fitted into appropriate gear before doing Coasteering. Everyone got to jump from high boulders before splashing into the cool water below. It was the most popular activity in Ngata. Next was kayaking and rafting. The experience was invigorating as we glided across the water and played kayak games like World Domination and Piano Keys. We then switched to do rafting, where there was a raft race. Our team assembled our raft before deploying it in the water. We eventually won through many hard challenges (with water splashing into some people’s eyes).
The next day, we had High Ropes. We were put into two groups, with three activities to do. The Flying Kiwi was most people’s favourite as we could finally fly in the air. Ngata then packed their belongings back into their bags, and disassembled their tents.
After we had packed everything up, the bus arrived. Since everyone was tired, the trip was much quieter than on the way to camp, with only a few people singing. Overall, the camp was fun, but tiring.

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