Ngata 7s – River Crossing


On the 21st of February N1 and N4 drove to The Groynes for our river crossing trip. Before morning tea N1 created rafts in groups using rope, tyres, and sticks. While that was happening, N4 was doing the actual river crossing, instructed by KORE. It was fun, but we saw a couple of eels in the deeper water. That was a bit scary! 

After morning tea, we switched over, getting to see what each activity was like. After lunch, we switched things up again. Everyone got to float down the river with their bag on their back. The pack kept them afloat, making sure sinking wasn’t an option. Many helpful parents and teachers guided us down the river. Once we reached the end we were given the option to go again. I decided to, it was great fun! 

Then everyone hustled to get changed so we made sure we caught the bus on time. 

It was a great trip and everyone enjoyed something whether it was rafting, river crossing, or pack floating. 

Millie Eccleton

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