Leisure Education: Celebrating Diversity Through Multi-sport


Every Tuesday afternoon, students gathered in S2 to explore new sports and enjoy some physical activity. Here’s a recap of our five weeks of Multi-sport:

In the first week, we played basketball. Many students were already fans, so we had a great time. We started with a shooting drill, moved on to End-ball, and finished with 3-on-3 games. Mr Williams joined in and the students enjoyed the friendly competition and teamwork.

Mr Williams introduced us to korfball in the next week. Most students had never played it before, but with the support of some regular korfball players, we quickly picked up the rules and enjoyed the fast-paced game.

In the third week, we switched to football. Students kicked the balls around and played different types of games, from small three-a-side matches to a full-field game. The variety kept everyone engaged and active.

Week four featured Ki o Rahi, taught by Mr. Williams and some year 8 students from Sheppard. Before playing, Mr Williams shared the story behind the game, which added some depth to our experience. Despite its many rules, the students all found it enjoyable and challenging.

In the fifth week, we played touch rugby. We started with a pass-about to warm up, then moved on to a more serious match. Later, we went indoors for Mat Ball and Dodgeball, which added more fun and variety to our final session of Multi-sport.

“Throughout these weeks, students embraced challenge and celebrated diversity. They worked together to adapt games so that everyone could join in, supporting and teaching each other along the way. It was wonderful to see the students’ cooperation and enthusiasm,” Mr Williams said.

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