LE: Writing Workshop


Kia ora koutou,

Students in the Writing Workshop LE programme had the chance to work with words in a variety of ways. We played engaging warm up games such as word scramble, Kahoots, banish boring words and other activities to get our writing brains thinking. Students enjoyed working on a variety of short story options such as 200 word challenges, writing stories based on picture prompts and some poetry.

The highlight was our final 3 weeks where students got stuck in to writing their own adventure story; a genre that seemed to capture their passion and attention. Students learned about the structure of a classic adventure story, the elements required for rising and falling action and how to craft a likeable and heroic protagonist. Our writers worked diligently on their short stories and had the chance to share to their peers and gain valuable feedback.

This was a great group of tamariki to work with and I encourage teachers and whānau to have a read of their final pieces!

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