LE Ice Skating


For 10 weeks CSKI students get to experience a variety of sporting and Leisure Education pursuits on Tuesday afternoons. Leisure Education options vary, but one which is particularly unique is the opportunity for ice-skating at Alpine Ice Sports in Opawa.

CSKI shared the rink with students from others schools and members of the public on their skate days over a 5 week long course. It was very pleasing to see the progression of each person; from our learners moving away from the safety zone of the handrails to our experts teaching others how to spin, crossover and pose.

The staff were very helpful and provided the attendees with a disco setting, great tracks to skate to and prompt medical assistance for the inevitable tumble. A curfew game of “spin the bottle” was played each session, with the winner given a coupon for treats from the snack store.

Some students grew so fond of the ice that they tried to carry a handheld snow person home to remember the occasion. The relatively mild winter this year probably didn’t ensure much length in the quality of life for their ice friend!

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