Kids Lit: 2022


This year’s Kids Lit Quiz saw 2 teams from Christchurch South competing against 32 other teams from Canterbury for the honour of being this year’s kids lit champions. Each team’s knowledge of children’s literature was tested over 10 rounds intended to challenge even the most confident and well-read students. Question categories included Armies, Brothers and Sisters, Doctors and Nurses, Ducks, Hybrid Creatures and more.

The competition was close and after five rounds both teams were well placed. The second half of the competition was tense with all teams striving for success. Challenging questions in the final two categories pushed both teams. As the final results were announced with the overall winner scoring 82/100. The South #2 team scored 74/100 gaining 9th place and the South #1 team scored 72.5/100 placing 11th. Congratulations to both teams for representing South so positively. We are all looking forward to next year’s competition.







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