Jumping June


In term three, the Sustainability Group at CHCH South organised a fundraiser event for the Heart Foundation, with great success! Over multiple weeks, students from all pods raised over $12,000. We had over 355 donations; some students even raised well over $1000 individually, which was not expected!
To get the heart rate up, the Foundation provided skipping ropes for every student. Over one week, teachers and students from all classes implemented rope skipping into their days to draw awareness to the important work of the Heart Foundation. This rope will now stay at CHCH South and can be used for future events and games. This term, students are now starting to get their prizes from raising money online on the Jumping June website. Prizes for example are bouncy balls, smartwatches and many other cool prizes. Students have worked hard to fundraise. All of the members of the Health and Environment Team are very happy with the results and the money raised for the Heart Foundation. The success of the event was high, and overall it was a great opportunity to raise money and get some exercise outside while we were at it!

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