Hillary 8 Camp 2023


On Monday 20th February, Hillary’s students, teachers and a handful of parents packed their bags to head off to Orton Bradley for an amazing 2 night/3 day getaway. Little did they know how lucky they were going to be with the weather and how much fun they were going to have.

We had awesome weather when it came to our hike, kayaking and coasteering; even when we did our nighttime game of Smuggler’s Run. For every activity we did the kids did it with no complaints but had big smiles on their faces while they did it. Even when the weather turned nasty on day 3 and we did the high ropes. Our students still wanted to get up there and embrace the challenge.

Chelsea and I really appreciate the students for their great work at camp and how they made the camp the easiest and the most exciting camp we have ever been on. We would also like to extend that thank you to all the parents who came to support our camp. We appreciate you giving up your time to support us and make this camp exciting for the kids.

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