Duathlon 2023


On Tuesday 7th February CSKI held their annual Duathlon on the school grounds. This was a first time for all due to event being cancelled last year. The weather was perfect with sunshine and a slight breeze. The Year 8’s started us off with the Year 7’s following them after interval. It was great to see so many students taking part and completing the course. There were some fantastic results and a lot of support from all. Thank you for the support from the parents that came down to watch.


Yr 8 Girls

1st Nicole Pirnea
2nd Pheobe Trevella
3rd Elisa Maze
4th Ziva Bull
5th Charlotte Chinn
6th Ayana Nixon

Yr 8 Boys

1st Levi Weston
2nd Lucas Sutherland
3rd Eli Panckhurst
4th Josh Baars
5th Jonty Rutherford
6th Francis Laurie

Yr 7 Girls

1st Hannah Baron
2nd Renee Cox
3rd Anna Evans
4th Eden Matthews
5th Lily Peddie
6th Emily Currie

Yr 7 Boys

1st Arlo Pullin
2nd Ethan Cron
3rd Ethan Pullin
4th George Hubbard
5th Guy Moore
6th Darby Pfahlert

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