CSKI Trainers show their skills


On Saturday December 9th, a squad of CSKI students turned up to Card Merchant Christchurch to participate in a Pokemon Trading Card Game event called “Break a Box”. They competed against peers their age as well as adult enthusiasts. Could they hold their own?

Throughout the year, they have been meeting on Tuesday afternoons after school as part of a school club. Members of the group can be seen strategising and playing during their lunch breaks, too. Their skills have been well honed against each other and it translated into strong play at an event with a diverse field.

Francis was running a bespoke deck of cards revolving around a devastating attacker called “Roaring Moon” which has the ability to knock out Pokemon instantly. It is balanced out by being relatively easy to knock out itself, so it is like a glass hammer which requires finesse to position and win.

Eli’s deck revolved around a Rapid Strike collection of Pokemon that do a range of hit and run chip attacks and set up multiple knock outs by playing a turn ahead of the opponent. He is particularly skilled at setting up a Pokemon called Medicham with a unique attack which grants a consecutive turn and forces the opponent to watch on in awe.

Isa has stood by Miraidon as his favoured Pokemon all year. Using disruptive cards to stall the opponent, he can quickly bench a team of lightning element creatures and put sustained pressure on the opponent. Games can be won extremely quickly when an opponent cannot find a response to his speed of set up and attack.

Ultimately Isa managed to make it into the top cut, or semi-finals, and was our best placed finisher. He finally fell to Charizard and the player he lost to went on to win the event overall. Isa walked away with a mountain of prize cards for his efforts. However the luckiest card pulls probably went objectively to Francis with some big hits out of his prize packs. Eli managed to beat his teacher in a round and hold onto a draw so forget that guy (just kidding).

Pokemon is a great game and if you and your children are in anyway interested in collecting cards, or learning to play, then these holidays do come over to Card Merchant’s Learn to Play events on Sunday from 2pm to 4pm, The community is very welcoming and they love to see people giving it a go.

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