CSKI Futsal Teams Dominate at CAIMS Summer Tournament


In a thrilling showcase of talent and determination, the CSKI Futsal teams made their mark at the CAIMS Summer Tournament  in March, clinching remarkable victories and leaving an indelible impression on the competition.

Leading the charge was the Open A team, whose stellar performance culminated in a triumphant win in the final against Cobham Intermediate. Displaying skillful footwork and tactical finesse, they navigated through tough challenges to claim the top spot, showcasing the essence of teamwork and perseverance.

Not far behind, the Open B team demonstrated their prowess, with their only defeat coming at the hands of their fellow CSKI peers in the semi-finals. Their resilience and spirited play throughout the tournament earned them well-deserved admiration from spectators and opponents alike.

Equally impressive was the Girls’ team, which dominated the field with an unbeaten streak, securing victory after victory with their unmatched determination and strategic gameplay.

These achievements reflect the dedication and hard work of the players.

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