CSKI Athletics 2023


CSKI held our annual Athletics Day on Wednesday 25th October down at the impressive Ngā Puna Wai sporting hub.

This year we had 450+ students involved in competitive and non competitive events. 

It was great seeing all the non competitive athletics display excellent commitment. The students embraced the challenge of the day by giving it their best effort, pushing themselves further, and aiming high!

The competitive events showcased some of our finest athletes performing and competing against each other to achieve their very best. The day was a great success, with students taking part in high jump, long jump, discus, shot put, 1200m, 100m and pod relays.

All spectators had the pleasure of witnessing some great performances.  One notable achievement was in the Yr 8 boys events where Kai Sloane ended up achieving four first places and a second. What a fantastic effort!

The weather was kind to us with no wind and plenty of sunshine. A big thank you to all the supporters who came along to Ngā Puna Wai to support our wonderful students!

Yr8 Boys 100m Yr8 Girls 100m Yr7 Boys 100m Yr7 Girls 100m
1st Kai Sloane 1st Neve Stewart 1st George Hubbard 1st Emi Yeakley
2nd Archie Limu-Franklin 2nd Nina Kidd-Wisker 2nd Ryan Cook 2nd Eden Matthews
3rd Jacob Akurangi 3rd Charlotte Bobichon 3rd Braxton McKenzie 3rd Ingrid Roy
Yr8 Boys High Jump Yr8 Girls High Jump Yr7 Boys High Jump Yr7 Girls High Jump
1st Takaru Deguchi 1st Charlotte Eade 1st Lukas Gibson 1st Margaret Taylor
2nd Kai Sloane 2nd Charlotte Bobichon 2nd Ryan Cook 2nd Sophie Vyazalova
3rd Archie Limu-Franklin 3rd Aurelia Lind 3rd= Charlie Pulley, Kaleb Te Aho-Hampton, Brody Yeadon, Conall Fenton, Mack Graham 3rd Lucy Bullion
Yr8 Boys Long Jump Yr8 Girls Long Jump Yr7 Boys Long Jump Yr7 Girls Long Jump
1st Jocab Akurangi 1st Nina Kidd-Wisker 1st= Lukas Gibson 1st Ingrid Roy
2nd Takaru Deguchi 2nd Lily Farmer 1st= Mack Graham 2nd Eden Matthews
3rd Lachlan Nalder 3rd Neve Stewart 3rd George Hubbard 3rd Sulola Asanso
Yr8 Boys Shot Put Yr8 Girls Shot Put Yr7 Boys Shot Put Yr7 Girls Shot Put
1st Kai Sloane 1st Lucy Tonkin 1st George Hubbard 1st Sulola Asanso
2nd Daniel Heald 2nd Lucy Reynolds 2nd Oliver Goulden 2nd Millie Wood
3rd James Seaman 3rd Ianthe Garner-Randolph 3rd Charlie Sparrow 3rd Roselyn Manu
Yr8 Boys Discus Yr8 Girls Discus Yr7 Boys Discus Yr7 Girls Discus
1st Kai Sloane 1st Isabella Pombo 1st Vidit Bhatt 1st Amelie Watson
2nd James Seaman 2nd Sophia Palaamo 2nd Braxton McKenzie 2nd Sulola Asanso
3rd Tim Henderson 3rd Deborah Time 3rd Charlie Sparrow 3rd Roselyn Manu
Yr8 Boys 1200m Yr8 Girls 1200m Yr7 Boys 1200m Yr7 Girls 1200m
1st Kai Sloane 1st Eliza Maze 1st Arlo Pullin 1st Hannah Baron
2nd Levi Weston 2nd Phoebe Trevella 2nd Ethan Pullin 2nd Eden Matthews
3rd Lucas Sutherland 3rd Lucy Reynolds 3rd Darby Pfhalert 3rd Lucy Sewell

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