Cross Country


Cross Country 2023


Cross Country was a very muddy affair this year! Students enjoyed getting a true cross country feel at Barrington Park where they tried to run, without slipping in the fields. Students showed commitment to embracing challenge in this event, running a total of 3KM!

In the year 7 Boys event:

1.Arlo Pullin

2.Darby Pfhalert

3. Ethan Pullin

In the Year 7 girls event:

1.Hannah Baron

2.Emi Yeakley

3.Kelly Hill

In the Year 8 girls event:

1.Eliza Maze

2.Millie Dumbleton

3.Lila Noonan

In the Year 8 boys event:

1.Levi Weston

2.Daichi Morioka

3.Lucas Sutherland




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