Change for Climate At CSKI


On Friday the 23 of September 2022, South participated in a worldwide protest against climate change. We held it at school as you had to be over 14 to go to Cathedral Square without a caregiver. We wanted to give the students a chance to participate by painting signs with slogans for climate change. A few examples are ‘You can’t drink oil’ or ‘Be the solution, not the pollution!’  Anyone keen to be involved went to the hall at morning tea, where the health and environment team showed a presentation video that they made about climate change. Here is the link to the slideshow if you are keen to watch it: Change – Friday 

After some inspiration from Greta Thunberg, we then collected signs and marched as a group

in silence to the cricket pitch, where they sat protesting for half an hour. Overall it was successful morning. 







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