CAIMS Tournament: Table Tennis


On Monday and Tuesday of Week 5, seven of our year 7 students took part in the CAIMS table tennis tournament. 

The tournament took place at the TTC Stadium on Blenheim Road with a total of 15 teams representing intermediate schools from around the city. Our seven students were entered as a team of 3 (A team) and a team of 4 (B team). 

Each team played a total of seven rounds against other schools. Each round involved two singles matches and a doubles game. At the end of the rounds the teams were paired up to play off against their closest rivals. This was followed by a set of final games to determine placings for the whole tournament.

Throughout the tournament the students demonstrated a high level of sportsmanship and fair play. They supported each other and also took turns umpiring and scoring the games. Well done.

The final games put out A team in 4th and our B team in 14th. A great result when you consider that many of the other teams consisted of year 8 students with more experience.

Note: Photo shows the high speed reactions needed to keep up with the play! Can you spot the ball?

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