CAIMS Tournament – Squash


On August the 22nd three students competed in the CAIMS Squash tournament at Christchurch Squash Club. There were a total of five teams, two from Cobham, two from Heaton and one team from South. We all had lots of experience and knowledge of the game. We went into the tournament being favourites due to our results during Winter Sports.

Throughout the heats we successfully achieved our goal to be unbeaten. In the final, we faced Cobham Red and it started well for us by beating their strongest player. The second game was a very close and intense match that went our way. In the last game, we had a thrilling match that went to the final seconds. Again, we came out on top. It was way too close for our liking.

We all improved our games throughout the tournament and the intensity really helped us to succeed. We are grateful for the support of the parents and caregivers. We achieved our goal of first place.

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