CAIMS Tournament: Netball


The CAIMS Netball Tournament was held over 2 days during week 5 of term 3, with modified A and B netball teams taking part. The teams were assembled a few weeks before the CAIMS tournament and worked hard to gel together as a new group during the tournament rounds.

It was a busy schedule, with 5 games a day for each team and not a lot of down time, however the teams handled themselves well during the challenges of the tournament.Day 1 of CAIMS was a foggy and cold start down at Hagley courts. The A and B team were placed in different Pool rounds and the A team won 4 out of their 5 games, ending up the top team in Pool A at the end of the day due to goal differential. The B team won 3 out of 5 games in their Pool and finished third at the end of the day.

Day 2 of CAIMS was clearer weather but much colder, with the wind strong for a lot of the day. A new draw after round robin games meant the A team were playing the top teams from Monday. There were two close games which were unfortunately lost, followed by a win and another loss. The final round was against Heaton, who the A team had also beaten on Monday. They finished the day well, to beat Heaton by even more than Monday and finished the tournament positively. Overall the A team came 4th in the top Pool. An awesome effort!

The B team were in the next Pool down and had a brilliant start to the day, beating Villa Maria, a strong team that had beaten the South A team on Monday! The B team had two more wins, a draw and a loss, to end their day 3rd in the second Pool. Impressive work! The teams were lucky to have a large amount of whanau support on the sidelines during both days, to help cheer loudly, score and time. Massive thanks to those who helped out!

I’m so proud of the way the teams conducted themselves throughout the 2 days, being organised for each day, supporting each other and demonstrating ‘The South Way’ with our school values. A stellar effort! Thanks to the co-captains Olivia Ballance, Neve Munro and Beverly Etuale for their great organisation of the team warm ups, gear bags and support of the team’s spirit!

Thanks also to our umpires Wayne Hawker and Sasha Nuku, who took time out of their busy schedules to umpire and support us at Hagley for the two day tournament and during the season.

Miss McIntosh

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