CAIMS Tournament Cricket


2024 Term One Cricket Summer Tournament Winners!!!

Congratulations to our outstanding female and male cricket teams for their remarkable triumph in the Canterbury Intermediate Champions tournament! We extend our gratitude to all the incredible parental supporters who cheered tirelessly on the sidelines. A heartfelt thank you goes to Mr. Hastings, Mr. McBrearty, and Mr. Bertie for their exceptional organisation and unwavering support before and during the tournament.

The accolades go to George, Eli, Finley, Charlie, Connor, Nico, Oliver, and Guy for their well-deserved title as Canterbury Champions. The boys exhibited exemplary sportsmanship and remarkable skill throughout the tournament, emerging victorious in all five of their matches with ease. The tournament featured a unique format with each team batting and bowling five overs and fielding only six players, five of whom had to bowl. Batsmen were required to retire after scoring 25 runs.

Among the countless highlights of the day, three moments truly stood out. Firstly, the boys demonstrated incredible sportsmanship by adapting their play to accommodate teams with less experience, bowling slower and offering encouragement to opposing players. Secondly, their exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship were evident in their adept management of playing time, ensuring each member had equal opportunities to bat and bowl. Lastly, George’s stellar batting performance shone brightly as he blazed through the opposition with a whirlwind 30 runs off just 7 balls, including a colossal six that soared beyond the adult boundaries.

Our girls continued strong form and the champion’s edge from the 2023 season going into 2024. With an infusion of new Year 7 talent, they proved to be hungry for runs and wickets.  

The girls play a variant of cricket called “Quikhit”. Fielding a team of 8 a side in an 8 over match, batters play as pairs for 2 over partnerships. The batters share an equal number of balls faced. If the batting partners keep their wickets intact, they get a bonus worth 50% of their partnership to their team total. The concept encourages plenty of quick running. 

On top of that, the game is played with a much softer rubber composite “incrediball”. This can produce prodigious bounce from slower, high arching deliveries. The ball can also procure spin from artificial turf and swing when the conditions are windy. The other main positive for girls trying a cricket tournament for the first time is that it is relatively painless to be struck by an incrediball. It makes playing the game less daunting and the Quikhit format provides all team members a chance to contribute to the team effort.

CSKI has been lucky to have a large number of experienced cricket campaigners turn out for the school team in recent years. Emma, Ellie, Isla, the Emily Ws, Hazel, Hannah and Abbey were stars out on the field. They met the challenge of scurrying for runs anytime the ball was hit into a gap. When fielding, they maintained disciplined bowling lines which eliminated extras as the “ninth batter” for an opposing team. 

They kept an encouraging vibe of pep talks for their teammates, yet applauded great strokes from opposing teams. It was a really fun team to coach and their success in the event was well deserved. As further cricket opportunities arise later in the year, it will be great to see this team come together again and flex on the Christchurch school scene once more!

Congratulations once again to our Canterbury Champions! Your outstanding display of skill, sportsmanship, and teamwork is a testament to your dedication and hard work. Well done!


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