CAIMS: Hockey Tournament


On Monday the 22nd and Tuesday the 23rd the A and B South hockey teams went to Nunweek Park to compete in the CAIMS winter tournament. We played many games over the course of the two days and we enjoyed the opportunity! The A team came 4rd in their pool, and the B team came 5th in their pool. There were many schools that we had played before and Ashburton teams came up to compete!

On Monday the A team won two of their games and lost one. They were a little less successful on Tuesday losing two of their games and winning one. As for the B Team they lost two and won one on Monday and won two and lost one on Tuesday.

Both teams successes came from playing boldly, strategically, and sticking to our plans. This was our first time this season playing with a fully padded goalie, both our keepers performed really well, defending lots of shots on goal.

Everyone enjoyed both days of playing hockey, and we are looking forward to the Ashburton tournament in week 10.

By Mila Hubbard and Lucy Moore

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