CAIMS Duathlon


On Monday 4th September, 18 students competed in a duathlon at Ruapuna Raceway. The event comprised of a 2km run, a 9km bike and a further 1km run. The bike was done against a headwind, and the conditions were challenging! Well done to all of our students who competed. Lucas Sutherland came first in the Year 8 Boys.

Students who competed: George Hubbard, Arlo Pullin, Ethan Pullin, Darby Pfhalert, Hannah Baron, Renee Cox, Eden Matthews, Emily Currie, Lillian Peddie, Lucas Sutherland, Levi Weston, Levi Panckhurst, Jonty Rutherford, Nicole Pirnea, Phoebe Travella, Ziva Bull, Ayana Nixon

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