Blue Day


Christchurch South had a blue day on the 14th of November (Monday, Week 5). The blue day raised awareness for Type 1 Diabetes as well as Switch to Water. Some of our students here at CSKI have Type 1 Diabetes. So, this day was to show support for them! People with Type 1 Diabetes need to monitor what they eat and drink to calculate what insulin to inject. 
At the same time, it was an excellent opportunity to use the blue theme to emphasise the importance of drinking water instead of sugary drinks for all students. Everyone wore blue and brought a gold coin to donate. The money we raised is going towards renewing our school-wide water fountains. The day was a great success, with a photo booth and raising around $400 towards our water fountains. We raised awareness, supported students of our school and built better habits, with water becoming our drink of choice. 




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