Athletics Sports 2022

CSKI held our annual Athletics Day on Monday 7th November down at the impressive Ngā Puna Wai sporting hub.
All students involved in non competitive events displayed excellent commitment. The students embraced the challenge of the day by giving it their best effort, pushing themselves further, and aiming high!
The competitive events showcased some of our finest athletes performing and competing with each other to achieve their very best. All staff, students and spectators had the pleasure of witnessing some great performances. The day was absolutely brilliant, which was concluded by some very tight races in the pod relays.
The weather was kind to us with ideal conditions for all athletic events. A big thank you to all the supporters who came along to Ngā Puna Wai to support our wonderful students!
Yr8 Boys 100m Yr8 Girls 100m Yr7 Boys 100m Yr7 Girls 100m
1st Charlie Street 1st Zo Rhodes 1st Jacob Akurangi 1st Rebecca Blake
2nd Jenish Kadariya 2nd Esme Bush 2nd Kai Sloane 2nd Ziva Bull
3rd Max Hills 3rd Isla Vick 3rd Takeru Deguchi 3rd Ayana Nixon
Yr8 Boys High Jump Yr8 Girls High Jump Yr7 Boys High Jump Yr7 Girls High Jump
1st Lennox Limu-Franklin 1st Grace Smith 1st Takeru Deguchi 1st Aurelia Lind
2nd Max Hills 2nd= Esme Bush 2nd = Kai Sloane 2nd Charlotte Eade
3rd Liam Joy 2nd= Isla Vick 2nd = Jackanory Carke 3rd= Evie Scherp
      3rd= Eliza Maze
Yr8 Boys Long Jump Yr8 Girls Long Jump Yr7 Boys Long Jump Yr7 Girls Long Jump
1st Charlie Street 1st Isla Vick 1st Takaru Deguchi 1st Lily Farmer
2nd Max Hills 2nd Grace Smith 2nd Kai Sloane 2nd Ziva Bull
3rd Olly Oughton 3rd Hannah Watson 3rd Jocab Akurangi 3rd Aurelia Lind
Yr8 Boys Shot Put Yr8 Girls Shot Put Yr7 Boys Shot Put Yr7 Girls Shot Put
1st Nikolai Bolling 1st Mackenzie Gallagher 1st Kai Sloane 1st Sophia Palaamo
2nd Charlie Street 2nd Grace Smith 2nd Fomai Fomai 2nd Lucy Reynolds
3rd Lennox Limu-Franklin 3rd Zo Rhodes 3rd James Seaman 3rd Ianthe Garner Randolph
Yr8 Boys Discus Yr8 Girls Discus Yr7 Boys Discus Yr7 Girls Discus
1st Lennox Limu-Franklin 1st Grace Smith 1st James Seaman 1st Lily Farmer
2nd Cael de Boer 2nd Mackenzie Gallagher 2nd Felix Martin 2nd Aurelia Lind
3rd Reuben Williamson 3rd Ashlee Hazlett 3rd Joe Wilke 3rd Sophia Palaamo
Yr8 Boys 1200m Yr8 Girls 1200m Yr7 Boys 1200m Yr7 Girls 1200m
1st Leo de Monchy 1st Grace Smith 1st Levi Weston 1st Eliza Maze
2nd Ethan Cox 2nd Olivia Ballance 2nd Kai Sloane 2nd Nessy Flynn
3rd Liam Joy 3rd Sofia Panckhurst 3rd Eli Panckhurst 3rd= Cleo Newman
      3rd= Phoebe Trevella






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