Anne Culpan


It is with much sadness that we acknowledge the loss of Anne Culpan, a past teacher at Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate. Anne had a brief battle with illness before passing away on Wednesday 24 August.

Anne Culpan taught at Christchurch South Intermediate from 1994 until the end of 2006 – 13 years of committed service to the school. After she retired she continued her association with our school until 2018 as a valued relief teacher and source of professional support for teachers new to teaching PE and coaching sport. 

Anne had a passion for physical activity and worked hard to provide a rich and wide variety of opportunities for students to experience success in many sports and physical pursuits. She turned her attention to any sport that needed it from swimming, basketball, hockey and volleyball to gymnastics where she particularly challenged students to push their comfort zones. Many students responded and achieved beyond what they thought was possible in response to her challenge, encouragement and support. Volleyball thrived under her guidance as did the PE dance programme. She understood how movement through dance contributed significantly to students’ physical development. There will be literally thousands of past students who can attribute their ability to waltz, rock ‘n’ roll and line dance to Anne’s enthusiastic guidance. Her contributions to after school basketball and other sports were recognised by a national volunteer award. Her administration of school sport focussed on ensuring as many students as possible had the opportunity to participate. In the home room environment her strengths ensured high standards were demanded in all areas but particularly in the essential areas of english and maths. Her students were well drilled in the basics and challenged to extend their academic abilities. 

There will be many students who will look back with appreciation for the commitment Anne made to their education, the challenge and demands she placed on them to better themselves and achieve to the best of their abilities, and the pride she had in them and their achievements.

We acknowledge the contribution Anne made to our community. Our thoughts and sympathies are with Anne’s family.

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