An author’s visit: Blair McMillan


On 12th of March 2024, after morning tea we were told to get our math books to start maths. Ms B asked Tom to go to the office to invite a special surprise visitor over to our class. The visitor was Blair McMillan.

We had been reading a book called Here Upon The Tide, and the author Blair McMillan especially got asked to come in by Ms B ( the H1 teacher). Blair came to answer some of the questions that we have been discussing in our class lately. Also to read the last part of the book that he wrote.

We learnt during the visit that he took three years in total to publish it. Here Upon The Tide was originally released in 30th of June 2023. When Blair first finished writing the draft his publisher decided to publish and said that he needed to make some changes in the book. After some changes, his brother in law ( a really good painter ) painted the book cover.

Blair McMillan said that the war in other countries inspired him to write this book, and he felt it is important that other people should know what is happening in the likes of Syria. The story is also set after the Christchurch city earthquakes. One of his friends died in a building that collapsed in the earthquake and the main character Millie was based around his friend’s daughter. He also really liked surfing like Milly and Milly’s dad. Unsurprisingly Blair also spent a lot of time in Taylors Mistake.

H1 loved this book. It was set in our city and had relatable characters. We highly recommend it to intermediate aged students. Blair is also writing a new book so watch this space!.

By Edith and Moata, H1.



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