Enrolment Scheme MOE Consultation

Since the information below was posted the MOE have completed their consultation and have imposed a revised enrolment scheme. 
A summary of the feedback they received is available here – Feedback to MOE Proposed Enrolment Scheme
Since the beginning of 2021 the Ministry of Education (MOE) has the ability, as a result of changes to the legislation, to propose and impose changes to school enrolment schemes. The MOE have contacted the Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate (CSKI) Board to tell us that they wish to change the zone for the school’s enrolment scheme. They have now started a consultation process. 
Initial feedback given to the MOE by the CSKI Board prior to this consultation process has not been reflected in the MOE’s proposed amendments. The CSKI Board has made a submission (click here for a copy) as part of the consultation process. They encourage interested individuals and groups to also submit feedback to the MOE. The Board also encourages people to provide feedback to the MOE on any other areas that have not been considered by the MOE for addition or deletion from the current zone.
The MOE’s consultation around their proposed amended enrolment scheme started on 08 June 2021. 
You can read about the MOE’s proposal and complete the survey to place your feedback.
The MOE consultation closes on 09 July 2021.
While all students who are currently enrolled before the amended enrolment scheme commences are entitled to remain enrolled and siblings of current students will have priority access to any out-of-zone places offered by the school, the Board of Trustees encourage you to consider and make comment on the proposed amendments as they will impact families in the future.