Our young riders totally sent it at the recent South Island MTB champs.

CSKI MTB success

Published on Tuesday, 30 March 2021, 3:50 p.m. Print Article

Methven has become somewhat of a mecca for MTB riders over the past few years with a very active community establishing some top notch trails to entice out of towners over to those parts of Canterbury. In early March, the Skoda South Island Schools MTB champs were held there.
Bike Methven know how to arrange a cool event and CSKI sent a team of enthusiastic riders to compete for glory in XC, Enduro and Downhill events. Although we are just a 2 year Intermediate school, we sent a team which achieved some great results overall in the champs.
Backed up by super encouraging parents, Oliver, Charlie, Olly (all Enduro) and Sam (Downhill) can be proud of the fact that they are amongst the mix of top 20 South Island riders for their age. The reporter of this article, Mr McBrearty, got passed by 11 people, including a runner, the last time he biked up Rapaki track, so he would gladly take your race placing if you don't want it!
Flynn managed to crack the top 10 by placing 7th in the Downhill races. With only 9 seconds separating 3rd to 10th, it was astonishing to see an Intermediate student named in these placings when every other competitor was already at a "High School" or "College."

Isla found an amazing rhythm and flow out on the XC course. She produced an extremely brave effort and thoroughly deserved the bronze medal which now adorns her neck. 
Josie had a point to prove. The defending champion, a national champion, a downhill phenomenon,  she took home the South Island champs title again in 2021, besting the next best in the field by 8.6 seconds. 
Through the super efforts of our CSKI cycling contingent, we placed 16th out of 70 schools at the event. Most importantly, we were the top performing intermediate school in the field! Thank you so much to the young riders and parents who went along and added their achievements to the rich legacy of our cycling success.