School shoes should be black or brown lace-up, leather or vinyl shoes or sandals. Sports shoes, sneakers, skate shoes or ballet flats are not permitted.

Our School Uniform

Published on Thursday, 18 March 2021, 5:44 p.m. Print Article

We love seeing CSKI students dressed smartly in their school uniform.  However, not all students are complying with our uniform expectations.  In order to develop a spirit of belonging to our school and remove competition between students, we ask for caregiver support in ensuring that students are correctly attired every day.

Our uniform policy, found on our school website, is very clear with regards to school shoes:

‘Black or brown lace-up leather or vinyl shoes or sandals. 

Sports shoes, sneakers, skate shoes or ballet flats are not permitted.’  

Similarly, our policy is also very clear with regards to jewellery and make-up:

‘During school hours the wearing of jewellery, make-up or coloured nail polish is not allowed. 

Studs or sleepers are the only ear decoration permitted.’

As a result, we do not allow nose piercings at our school.

Students who are not attired in the correct uniform will need a note from home to explain why their uniform is not correct.  They will then be issued with a uniform card, a system that supports our teachers to keep track of students’ uniform compliance.

Caregivers of students that repeatedly do not have the correct uniform will be contacted in order to collaboratively problem solve the issue with the school.

We appreciate the efforts of all whānau who ensure students arrive at school in a clean, neat and tidy uniform each day, ready to learn.