Chch South Bands Repeat Historical Success

Published on Thursday, 12 November 2020, 5:01 p.m. Print Article

Matt Stevenson, Christchurch South’s band tutor admitted he had a good feeling before going to Bandquest this time. “Both bands are tight - they’re ready for anything”. Those prophetic words came true at the Christchurch regional final when both bands “Ghost” and “Supersmash” stepped out onto the stage rocking their best performances to a sellout audience. As the evening wore on, the atmosphere became charged full of anticipation and excitement - the question remained.  Who could win the special prizes or the coveted first place? All the bands assembled on stage at the end of the evening and what a thrill that “Supersmash” lived up to their name and indeed, smashed the competition by winning the regional final and catapulting Christchurch South into the national finals for the second time in history. As part of their winning prize, Supersmash has won $400 worth of RockShop equipment for the school. Congratulations and to both bands - we are proud of your efforts. Thanks to Ms Carter, Matt Stevenson band tutor and management for the support. Special thanks to  Becky Baichoo, Nicola Hansen and all the parents for the snacks, pizza and drinks ensuring the bands were fueled up, ready to rock. Nationals here we come!