Tom Wins International Poetry Competition.

Published on Wednesday, 11 November 2020, 4:01 p.m. Print Article

We were thrilled to congratulate Tom on his first place in the Never Such Innocence international poetry competition with his poem "A Boy Builds a Cheetah".  Never Such Innocence runs an international poetry, art, speech and song competition for 9-18 year olds focussing on conflict and its impact. As the winner of the 9-11 year old poetry section, Tom was invited to the awards ceremony to be held in London however due to Covid19 a representative from the NZ High Commission accepted his award on his behalf. Here is a link to a you tube clip of the initial announcement of the winners -
Tom has written and had many poems published but this poem certainly stands out particularly for the underlying message and how it incorporates his love of Cheetahs.
Here is a copy of Tom's fantastic poem.
A Boy Builds a Cheetah
The boy was tired of conflict
so he built a cheetah.
To yellow fur he added dots,
so he could take shelter
and know warmth.
He added strong eyes,
so he could see danger.
He pasted on round, circular ears,
so he could hear the cheetah’s warnings.
He filled four legs with energy,
so he could escape with speed.
He striped half the tail,
so he could hold the rudder
in tough times.
He built permanent claws
on paddy paws,
to help protect himself.
The boy rode the cheetah
into warzones, and stole
bombs, guns and despair.
The boy rode the cheetah
into borders, and let people
live where they needed to.
The boy rode the cheetah
to unhappy places, and left
baskets of peace and joy.
The cheetah ran so fast he flew,
and if you look carefully at the sky,
you will see a striped tail
and the sandals of a boy.