CAIMS Netball Tournament

Published on Friday, 25 September 2020, 9:57 a.m. Print Article

The CAIMS Netball Tournament was held during week 9 of term 3. With all the COVID restrictions in place around the world, we felt quite privileged to be able to compete and participate in a sporting event.

The South Netball team were selected specifically for this tournament, so they did not have the luxury of practising together throughout the Tuesday Winter Sport rotation. The team assembled 3 weeks before the CAIMS tournament and worked hard to gel together as a new group. 

Day 1 of CAIMS saw a sunny but extremely windy day at Hagley Netball Courts, providing many challenges for our shooters and our passing. We won 4 out of our 4 round robin games that day which resulted in us playing for the top of the table the following morning. 

Day 2 of CAIMS saw the sun shining again and, thankfully, less wind for our first game of the day against Breens. After a slow start, where we were behind by 10, the team pulled back goal by goal to win by 5 and secure the top of the table position. The girls were ecstatic! This put us into A grade for the rest of the tournament, however we knew there would be some strong contenders to play against. First up was Casebrook. Our toughest game so far, Casebrook pushed us right to the limit, however we lost by 2. Our first defeat. The team were gutted and the tiredness of the tournament was beginning to kick in. The final game of Day 2 was Heaton. A strong team throughout Winter Sport, Heaton showed class and skill to win the game convincingly, with ridiculously strong winds impacting the game from the start. The South girls never gave up though, and showed grit, determination and pride to fight for every goal right to the end of the game.

Day 3 of CAIMS with more wind, more sun and some significant heat as well! We were up to play Breens again, in the A grade, so the previous game counted for nothing. We knew they were going to push us again. The South girls started strongly and continued to build on their score quarter by quarter, beating Breens by an even greater margin than last time. Everyone was thrilled! James Hargest was the next game and we knew it would be another tough one like Heaton. We were not wrong! In the heat of the day, we supported each other to make it to the end of the game, by swapping our subs regularly and encouraging loudly from the sideline. Despite our significant loss to James Hargest, the scorecard did not reflect how close the game looked and how much we challenged the eventual winners of the tournament. 

The final game of the tournament was Hillmorton and we knew we could win this one. Once again in shockingly windy conditions, the team took to the court. Using their last scraps of energy they fought right to the end in a nail biter of a game, winning by 5. The team were exhausted but psyched to win their final game.

Overall the South netball team finished 4th out of 18 teams at CAIMS, a fantastic achievement with the limited preparation time. I'm so proud of the way the girls conducted themselves throughout the 3 days, supporting each other, mixing with the other teams and demonstrating the school values. A stellar effort team!

Thanks to the co-captains Eliana Beale and Louisa Chretien for their great organisation of the team bags and support of the team’s energy levels!

CAIMS Netball Team

Satori Cane

Sarah Clark

Bella Sampson

Ruby Armstrong

Kaitlyn Tolley

Emma Cortes-Lunan

Rebekah Pratten

Louisa Chretien

Eliana Beale

Poppy Yarham

Stasia Tapsell

Kiera Yeakley 

Thanks also to our umpires Kylie Brand, Wendy Lynch and Wayne Hawker, who took time out of their busy schedules to umpire and support us at Hagley.

Miss McIntosh (one happy coach)