CAIMS Tournament - Basketball

Published on Thursday, 24 September 2020, 5:35 p.m. Print Article

In Week 9 of Term 3, 18 South basketballers travelled down to Ashburton to participate in the South Island CAIMS Sporting Tournament. We were lucky enough to stay at the Ashburton Motor Lodge to save travelling to and from Ashburton. All members of the squad made a huge commitment to fundraising efforts to ensure costs were kept to a minimum and we could enjoy ourselves on and off the court.
Our boys played some nailbiting games throughout the tournament and were well coached and supported by Devon Watson. Our boys team prides themselves on their lockdown defence and this was certainly noticeable throughout the tournament. The highlight of pool play would have to be Ethan Weston's buzzer beater against Ashburton College to win the game. On the final day, our boys found themselves in the 3rd/4th playoff game against Heaton and we went down to a buzzer beater to finish 4th.
The girls teams improved incredibly well and quickly throughout the tournament. Mr Angus has never seen a sports team improve as much as these girls did, in such a short timeframe. Our girls were well lead by Kathy Burrows who provided wonderful insight and guidance. We played off against Cobham for 3rd and we beat them by a convincing margin - pretty special considering they beat us by a large score early in the tournament.
It was an absolute pleasure to spend 3 days with such an awesome bunch of basketballers. Thank you must go out to not only our two coaches, but also Nicki Mackenzie and Amanda Sevier for being our 'camp mums' and looking after everyone.