Green Day

Published on Thursday, 24 September 2020, 4:08 p.m. Print Article

During Week Nine, the Health and Environment Leadership Team ran a green themed mufti day to raise funds for Eco-Action. Eco-Action began working with H1 as a part of their sustainability learning, and a satellite nursery was set up on the school grounds. Native plants are currently being grown in the satellite nursery, and will eventually be planted in the Travis Wetlands and the Red Zone in Christchurch. One of our School Values is 'Koha', which is all about being generous and showing our appreciation to others. As a result of the generous donations that were provided to set up the Satelite Nursery at our school, the Health and Environment Team held a Mufti Day as a way to say thank you, and to continue supporting the awesome things that Eco-Action do for our environment. The mufti day raised over $440!
Eco Action would like to thank Christchurch South Karamata students for their generous donation, and the money raised will go toward setting up another school's Satellite Nursery and supplying it with plants.
As a part of Green Day, the team also ran a Fashion Show at lunchtime, and it was fantastic to see students strut their stuff down the runway!