Board Elections 2022

8 September 2022

Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate School Board – Casual vacancies for two parent representatives
Casual vacancies have occurred on the school board for two elected parent representatives. The board has decided to fill these vacancies by selection. If 10% or more of eligible voters on the school roll ask the board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held. Request for a by-election should be sent to:  
Mark Callaghan (chairperson)
Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate Board
204 Selwyn Street
Christchurch 8024
By: 6 October 2022
August 5th 2022
Board Parent Election 2022 – 5 Parent Representatives
At the close of nominations at 12 noon Wednesday, August 3rd, the following nominations were received for the number of parent vacancies on the School Board.
* Mark Callaghan
* Catalina Sleghel
* Deana Wood
I hereby declare the following duly elected
Mark Callaghan, Deana Wood and Catalina Sleghel.
Wayne Jamieson
Returning Officer
Canterbury Education Services
The School Board is actively seeking to fill the two remaining vacancies.