Student Leaders

The South student leadership groups for 2018 are listed below. Congratulations to students whose applications for these leadership positions have been successful. The staff member associated with each group is also listed.

Our Head Students and House Leaders are also listed.
Performing Arts Team
  • Miss Revell
  • Lorenzo Zamperini

Health and Environment Team
  • Mrs Calder
  • Louis Hamilton

Visual Arts Team
  • Ms Meakin
  • Evie Jones

Physical Activity Leaders (PALs) 
  • Mr Laing
  • Elliot Barron

Cultural Team
  • Ms Hutchinson
  • Isabella Thom

Social Awareness Team
  • Mrs Lipscombe
  • Bethany Crossan

Head Students
  • Evie Jones (Head Girl)
  • Louis Hamilton (Head Boy)
  • Bethany Crossan (Deputy Head Girl)
  • Isabella Thom (Deputy Head Girl)
  • Elliot Barron (Deputy Head Boy)
  • Lorenzo Zamperini (Deputy Head Boy)
House Leaders
  • Hillary: Mila Peeti / Riley Bishop
  • Ngata: Any Hay / Dwayne Ramos
  • Rutherford: Clara Dujakovic / Tashi Beveridge
  • Sheppard: Charlotte Strahl / Declan Allen