Leaders' Message

Kia ora, Hello and Welcome to Christchurch South Intermediate.
At South we have a lot of events and activities that students can get involved in, like the duathlon, swimming sports, cross country, for the year 7’s river crossing, sailing and going to quail island. For the year 8’s, camp.
We encourage all students to get involved in all these activities. They are a lot of fun and a great experience. Going to camp at Orton Bradley was really challenging but an awesome experience that we will never forget.  
We also have a huge amount of in-school activities for students to participate in; such a wide variety there is something for everyone. Here at south we go from the gardening club to the dance troupes, from the ukulele ensemble to Kapa Haka, Pasifika, and even Korean dance.
At South we have four pods which are also referred to as houses or teams - Ngata, Hillary, Sheppard and Rutherford. Each pod has five spaces. The shared space is for shared learning where we can learn in a bigger area and learn with other students. There are seven computers in the shared space, two in each classroom and Chromebooks for students who don't have a device. The pods are really great for interactive learning and it's really easy to move from space to space. The pods are flexible so we can learn in all sorts of ways.
Another awesome feature of South is that three times a week we have specialisation. The six different specialisation subjects are Food and Fabric (where you learn how to sew and to cook), Hard Materials (which is working with wood, plastics, metal and other materials and tools), Performing Arts (where you learn about Music, Dance and Drama), Visual Arts, (which is painting, making sculptures and being creative and artistic), Science (where we learn in a laboratory and study things such as biology and physics - forces and motion etc) and Digitech (where you learn how to use 3D printers, computer coding and design and electronics). Many students look forward to this in their week.
Also at South we have B.Y.O.D. (In each pod there are Chromebooks but we also have bring your own device). Firstly you have to sign an agreement for B.Y.O.D. The agreement is about when you can use your device, what not to search up, what to search up, what happens if there are scams and ads, etc.
At South we do winter sport. The winter sport programme is a competition in a variety of different sports. We have rugby, netball, football, hockey, table tennis and even squash. We play schools all around Christchurch. There are trophies for the winners of each code.
But for those of us who are not participating in the winter sports there are a variety of extracurricular activities to extend our knowledge and introduce us to new interests. This is called Leisure Education. We are offered a choice of groups to participate in such as arts and crafts, movie making, ten pin bowling, robotics, film crew, workshop, table tennis, mountain biking and many many more!
At South we a have a badge called the “Aim High”. You can work towards it by achieving various goals and meeting different criteria. There are four categories with requirements and to achieve your badge you have to complete at least eight in each category.  They are Embracing Challenge, Celebrating Diversity, Developing a Passion for Learning, and Building Independence - these are also the four vision statements for South. 
The “South Way” is the code of conduct at South. Our “South Way” values are:
  • Self Discipline
  • Commonsense
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Support
  • Involvement
  • Honesty
There are many opportunities for leadership at South. You get the chance to apply for most of the leadership teams. These teams are Physical Activity Leaders (P.A.L.s), Performing Arts Team, Visual Arts Team, Social Awareness Team, Cultural Team and the Health and Environment Team. These teams help run school activities such as mufti days, school sports events, discos, Battle of the Bands, Talent Quest, Language Week activities and much more. The students in these teams meet regularly to discuss new ways to help the school. 
Another amazing thing we do at South is the Broadgreen exchange. The Broadgreen exchange is where every two years we go up to an Broadgreen Intermediate in Nelson. The students at school who want to apply for the exchange get chosen. They have to write a letter explaining why they want to go and also have to answer some questions. Whole in Nelson the students are billeted at a Broadgreen student’s home. In the year we don’t travel to Broadgreen they have a group of 90 students visit our school and we host them in our homes. The Broadgreen exchange is a very special and important.
We have our own school haka. During the first term the Year 8 students teach the Year 7 students the hak in time for the “Haka Off” at the end of the term. We look forward to the challenge of competing against the other teams to see which team can perform the fiercest haka. We like to perform the haka whenever we can at occasions such as the Broadgreen exchange, at sports events and on special occasions such as welcoming assemblies, powhiri and to farewell the Year 8 students at the end of the year.  
Christchurch South Intermediate is a fantastic school. In fact at most assemblies we finish with exclaiming “Have a fantastic day at our fantastic school!”
  • Lili Nicholl (Head Girl)
  • Jeremy Kinley (Head Boy)
  • George Gearry, Monty Kemp (Deputy Head Boys)
  • Tyla Boyd, Isobel Ford (Deputy Head Girls)