Board Members

Parent Elected Board Members

Rua Murray   (Chairperson)
Mark Callaghan (Appraisal Committee)
Julian Cone (Appraisal Committee)
Keryn Davis (Assurance Committee)
Craig Reynolds (Assurance Committee)

Staff Elected Board Member
Kate Meder   (Assurance Committee)

Ross Hastings

Members of the school Senior Leadership Team, Cade Englefield, Christine Murphy and Rebecca Marryatt, often also attend Board meetings.

About the Board Members

Rua Murray (Chairperson) - Michelle and I have two children, with our youngest in Year 8 at South. As a former student of South (mid-80s)  and  child  of  this  neighbourhood,  I've  jumped  back  into  the  school  community  with  co-option  to  the board.  In  between,  we  lived  in  the  UK,  Canada  and  Kirikiriroa.  I  bring  to  the  board  a  passion  for  the transformative  power  of  education  and  success  for  every  student  (which  also  drives  my  daily  work  as  a research mathematician and teacher).
Mark Callaghan (Board Member) - Proud father of two girls, Molly started Christchurch South in 2018 and Lucy still at Somerfield te Kura Wairepo and a year away from joining CSI. Having been on the board of trustees at Somerfield te Kura Wairepo for nearly 3 years with the role of personnel I was keen to bring my experience from there and continue to make a contribution to my girls education and also the Christchurch South community in which my wife Debbie and I have lived in for 15 years.

Julian Cone (Board Member) - I am passionate about my family, my community, information technology and the intersection of them all. I am proud to be a two term trustee at South, involved in governance and sports coaching while my two sons have enjoyed their time here. I am a graduate of Canterbury Uni, and have worked at Landcare Research, had roles as a co-founder/early contributor at a number of local startups (YikeBike, Ministry of Awesome) and am currently an engineer at SLI Systems.

Keryn Davis (Board Member) - I  was  co-opted  to  the  Board  in  March  2015.  I  have  two  sons - Tom (Year 9) and Harry who is in Year 7 at South. I’m married to Tony, and we live in Somerfield. I’m a classroom  researcher  and  education  consultant  and have  been  on  a  number  of  not-for-profit  boards  and committees over the past 20 years.

Craig Reynolds (Board Member) - Commercial  Pilot,  Missionary  in  Papua  New  Guinea,  IT  Manager – all  things  that  have  stemmed  from  a passion to live a fulfilled life, serving and developing people around me. Now board member at South, I’m  keenly  aware  of  multiculturalism  and  the  challenges  that  brings  for  our society, how technology is a tool, not a reason and how dreams are possible with sacrifice and commitment. I love my one wife, three school age kids, two old kids, two cats, two chickens and a schnauzer.

Kate Meder (Staff Elected Trustee) - It is a great honour to be a member of Christchurch South's board as a staff elected trustee. I am passionate about seeing each of our tamariki reach their full potential during their time at south, and working to ensure that they are provided a broad range of opportunities to succeed in. Canterbury born and bred, I love to spend time in nature, keeping active and spending time with my friends and whānau.